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Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Tru's fic @ AO3
This journal is strictly for fandom activities, including, but not limited to: squee, flail, fanfiction, meta, crack speculation, silly suppositions, OTPs, OT3s, slash, het, femmeslash, flavors of the moment, obsessions, occasional bouts of stupidity and rare instances of sanity.

The author of this journal offers no warranty, express or implied, as to the reader's satisfaction with anything posted herein. The author will not refund time spent reading this journal. Exchanges will be entertained depending on the fandom involved and the length of fic required. All fic will be marked as such, placed behind a cut and rated appropriately. Constructive criticism and feedback of all sorts are welcomed, though flames will be ignored. Read the warnings, and then proceed at your own risk.

This journal is home to an equal opportunity shipper. All OTPs are subject to change with little to no notice, and may include various combinations of genders and sometimes more than the standard two partners.

There's no particular reading policy in place for this journal. Add to your circle at will, and if I don't notice and you want to be added in return, just drop a comment to a post. Most, if not all, posts will remain public.
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